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I grew up with beautiful Lake Michigan a stone throw away, and the world below the waves fascinated me from a young age.  I was memorized by watching fish swim in the wild and aquariums, and learning about the creatures of both the sea and freshwater.  I was a girl of the outdoors and enjoyed exploring the natural world around me every chance I got. These experiences lead to my passion for becoming an aquatic scientist.



This led me to attend Purdue University in the Forestry and Natural Resources Department to complete my BS in Fisheries and Aquatic Science.  I found my passion for fieldwork, and scientific research.  I conducted research during my undergraduate years on lake sturgeon, coaster brook trout, and the aquatic organisms near agriculture fields with and without riparian zones.  I continued my love of lake sturgeon research after graduating by being a technician for other projects.


I then landed my first dream job of being a fisheries technician and laboratory coordinator at the Illinois Natural History Survey, Lake Michigan Biological Station. I spent my summers on the beautiful lake helping to understand the yellow perch, lake trout populations and near shore communities including benthic invertebrates and zooplankton.  I even got to scuba dive for work, which allowed me to interact with the world I was always fascinated with since being young.  I found my second passion, which is zooplankton. 


I returned to school for my Master’s at East Carolina University to study the zooplankton population in the Chowan River.  I fell in love with the coastal environment especially putting together my love of freshwater and marine systems.  I decided to stay at East Carolina University to complete my PhD program studying the lower trophic food webs in two estuarine systems in North Carolina. 


When I am not completing research, I love to spend time outdoors hiking, kayaking, and exploring the natural world around me.  I also love to read fiction, and cook wonderful meals. 

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